Living childfree in India. Is it that difficult?

"Society is a mental concept. In the real world, there are only individuals." Oscar Wilde has rightly mentioned that Society exisits as as an abstract in the real world. But this society has so much power (if we think of it that way) that it has control over our daily lives to our long term plans!

In a society, where a woman is said to be complete,only when she becomes a "mother", I am wondering if all the women feel the same. Is it really that difficult to have a childfree life by choice in India? What if both the partners are ready to live lives for themselves and their parents and choose to not have children of their own? 

What if one's life's purpose is to dwell in simplicity or if one is on a particular life path that demands full attention? In such a case, would having a baby,  be injustice to even the little soul, if he or she does not get the deserved time and attention?

Having a baby is a big commitment and a life altering decision, and once you have a baby, there's no turning back. Is it worthy to give into the pressure by family and friends to have a baby of your own? as it is very clear you do not owe anyone else a child of your own!

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  1. taylahmorant

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    November 21, 2016